Shield and Engine

Hey, this will be the last of my creator and I for some time. Especially because I’ve overstayed my welcome.
This is true, the first item is a Buckler-Heater shield combination.

Size comparason and weapon useage:

Okay break it up. Think we’ve demonstrated quite enough.

Ceal, deal with them, I need to show this tutorial.

Start with these parts, the axle is 8 studs long.

First slip the axle into the center pin hole.

Then add the first wheel, and slide it all the way up.

Fit the lip if the tier over the exposed rim of the wheel.

Now slide the last one onto the axle until half is showing. That’s my engine design.

Because I had the parts when I first built one, made a second one. If you ever use them, please credit me (if I’m the first to think of this).
As for Ceal, it’s off to the box for him.
Wait what?

Comments, criticism, critiques, let me know down below.


What am I looking at? The shield is just a foot and then you have some big wheels? What exactly am I looking at?

The shield is a buckler shield, though the foot is more of a heater shield.

The wheels are a starship engine concept I came across.
Both of your questions are justified are not the best designs, although I do still keep the engines around as stands.