Shin Tahu

Uneathing a revamp I did a couple of years ago.

With this “new” Shin Tahu, I wanted to create the ultimate version of our mascotte hero, with as many nods to most red ones sets, even Metru feet, Jaller Inika’s shoulder armour on the back, HF Ordeal of Fire fire pieces etc.

Basically, if you look closely, each segment uses something from a fire set of the past, so the challenge was to make it work and flow in a believable figure.

I really tried a bunch of things to fill the lower torso, reminiscent of the og Mata body, with some flames, but I couldn’t quite get it where I originally wanted. Anyway, hope you like it! :smiley:


This is a fantastic build.
Really really cool.


I really like those hands and the torso