Shincubus - The Dream Plague

Shincubus is an ancient, powerful warlord. His katana skills are surpassed only by his magic knowledge. Once a trusted scholar, he explored the limits of mind-bending spells so much so that now, thanks to those huge amplifiers above his shoulders, he’s able to instill atrocious nightmares to whoever challenges him… he’s even capable of turning friends against each other or driving them into total madness (think of him as kind of a G2 Annona).

This one I’m quite proud of, hope you like it! :smiley:


The waist is a bit annoyingly gappy, but the rest is super cool! I love the… “amplifiers,” as you call them.


Excellent MOC! It’s very complex and intimidating! And I really like the use of those Ninjago parts.

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I tried to make it gappy to contrast the bulk of his shoulders. Still, you’re right: there’s a huge gap there :sweat_smile:

@LegoDavid As soon as I saw those pieces, I knew I had to use them in some way or another

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What did you use at the shoulders up there?


You sure it’s not a kaiju??

It’s a new piece you can get from Ninjago sets like 70675


Excellent usage of the new Ninjago parts!

Cannot unsee a face with giant eyes in the last pic


That is exactly what I was aiming at: while those wheel pieces magnify his powers, they also change his overall appearence as if two giant eyes are watching over his foes (notice also how his actual face has no eyes at all). I’m glad you pointed that out and thanks for the comment :smiley: