Shirt of April and Shirt of May: Both Now Available!

Due to the large quantity of orders, the ■■■■■ of April winner, Nak and Jay, was delayed. I know you guys have been waiting patiently for quite awhile now so I’m excited to announce that we are now ready to begin production.

Since we fell behind a month, we have also decided to skip the voting process for May and go ahead and make a ■■■■■ available as well, and since Civil War just launched today in the States, we figured this new design would be perfect!

■■■■■ of May: TTV Civil War

■■■■■ of April: Nak and Jay

Both of these shirts are now available on the TTV Store and will feature an extended run to make up for the huge delay. Meaning you will have until July 6th to order either one of these designs before they go back into the TTV Vault.

Thanks, and happy shopping!


I might have to buy a TTV shirt now!

This stuff is great.

Ain't this nice

that may shirt is fantastic

Do you guy's know who orders? Without someone saying they ordered one?

Sometimes the people who purchase the shirts will use their usernames instead of a real name, or their email will have their board name in it, or they'll have an account on storenvy with the same avatar they use on the boards.

So in those instances you can piece together who's who. But otherwise, unless you explicitly state it, then yeah we don't know which board members bought a shirt.


Wow. These are awesome. I need one of these XD

So Exx was the one pulling the strings the whole time. Neat.

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so is exx zemo?

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Great. Now I'm torn between 'Nak and Jay and Exx's puppets.

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If only my parents would let me buy these.

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hey var so that code that you gave me for voting in the shirt of april poll expired in april

is there any way we can get a new one? i really want that nak and jay shirt but also dont want to pay tons of monies in shipping

Yeah, that code was for the shirt of March. The idea was to reward you for voting on the next shirt with a discount on the current shirt being sold. Since we don't have a poll to vote on this month, there won't be a discount code.

However, these two designs are having an extended run and we will have a shirt of July, so if you want to wait we'll have a discount code for the poll in June that can be applied to either of these designs.


What happened to the original shirts in the store?

They have been retired indefinitely.

Aight, figured it was worth asking

I'll just pay the $5 on my shirt. :pensive:

So I was right about the Secret Exxvasion...

That Civil War shirt is so dern cool.

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The civil war shirt looks great.

Just ordered my 'Nak and 'Jay shirt. :smile:

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Is exx Zemo?