Shizen And Shirudo

This is Shizen (God of nature) and Shirudo (His body guard)
So Shizen is a guy, just to clarify, and you can see he doesn’t look exactly strong so that’s why i made him a body guard. I will have to say that Shirudo (White shield guy) was a bit half A**ed but i don’t really want to work on him anymore. :crossed_flags:



Sorry i couldn’t take more pictures, i ran out of space.


I like both, especially the build on Shizen, but the lower legs on Shirudo look odd with those vahki body parts jutting out.


These look really good! They would definitely stand out in a crowd of MOCs.

These look very Impresive
Nice shaping on Shizen’s head

I like them, all except for Shirudo’s knees/lower legs. Not a fan of how those look.

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