Shlod the white wall (my other self moc)

Okay so you have seen this name before if you saw my earlier moc s it just ignore that moc

Any ways so for those of you who read my post on the ‘how you got your username topic’ then you will recognize that his background. So when me and my best friend were in around kindergarten we played an imaginary game we called "the Ultra Game’ (so original right) in the game there were I think about seven legendary items maybe they consisted of separate pieces of armor, a sword , shield, and double tipped spear. Vicroen was the dual ended spear and my character’s main weapon and that is where I got my username hence vicroen being my self moc. But my character also had a shield named Shlod and that is why this moc is my second self moc.

Ok so into the moc itself I had a lot of new ideas that I wanted to try on this moc and I gotta say I thought that they really worked out here so here is the moc…

Here he is with his shield
Here is the back
I decided to make him a sidekick like pet lobster thing and I thought this looks pretty good too

Look at dem squats


you want to talk about original game names? my sisters and I play a game so cleverly dubbed “The Game”

anyways, on to the Moc. the trans seems too concentrated on the arms, and it looks somewhat hunchbacked. the torso looks weird with those two mata hands sticking out like sore thumbs. props for using kopaka’s mask and making it fit, and overall it’s a good moc.

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I want it…


Both look good, but Shlod’s nuva hands on the torso stick out.

Yah I’m gonna try and find a way too intigrate those better in the near future

I like the scorpion better than the main moc tbh, but their both cool and i’m a bit biased towards less humanoid mocs :smile:

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make them combine… NAO


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Just wait… just wait…:smiling_imp:

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I love the scorpion!

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Looks really, really good!
Not a big fan of the shield, but overall, great work!

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This is like
just a white bootleg of of my MOC Shuku
Even has the shield and everything


He doesn’t look like he has a neck, but it’s pretty good.

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Looks chunky

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Groovy MOC man.

Make it red and @EvilLobsterKing has his self MOC.

Yeah I see it now. But then again who wouldn’t want to have your MOC’s man, your amazing.


Okay so I have been working on this guy for a while now and after you posted shuku I knew this would happen. I actually started this guy before you posted shuku so I had no idea I was using the same ideas

Tis pretty hard to believe honestly.
Shlod and Shuku are waaaay too similar for it to be a coincidence.

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When the page opened is saw the mask, and i think: “Kopaka?” But then i scroll down and i think : “No, no Kopaka here”

Intersting and unik design, i personally am not a fan of it, but i still think its nicely made :smile:

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These are very cool!

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I saw shuku an I added one thing and that was the double shin armor that’s it and I’ve seen that before anyways. But I guess if you don’t believe me you don’t have to.

That lobster is the best one I have seen yet. Cool shield. But in some poses Shlod just looks awkward. Nice job though