Shock Trooper

I’m a real fan of the marginally angled torso; the forward bend in the waist almost always looks nice if done only slightly.

Solid MOC. Not the most original thing ever, but definitely aesthetically pleasing.

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How did you do the head? Is it totally custom, or built around the head of that new Rouge One droid whose name escapes me?

it’s made with clay over a metru head

Wow, that’s even more impressive! Mad props for that, yo!

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He looks like a Jason Swat team member thats a Toa of Earth XD Awesome build man.

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so update

i wasn’t completely satsfied with the head so i made a new one
he also got some other minor design changes

thought the story for these guys is completely different now
instead of being from SEE industries,they’re the military force of another,more ‘‘evil’’ enterprise called BPR
thought i won’t reveal more for now


Looks better!

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