One purple boi

And yes, he can transform:

  1. Unplug the hose.
  2. Unlock the legs and flip the assembly around.
  3. Fold out and flip round the leg panels. Repeat for opposite leg.
  4. Turn him over, pull the back up and extend the wings forward.
  5. Flip the wings around, pull out the beast mode arms, and flip the back around.
  6. Fold in the robot mode arms.
  7. And finally, reattach the hose.

    And there you have Shockwave is his mechanical bat mode. Just because.

Gotta say, he’s small & simple but I like it. Neat function, & the transformation, while not automated with gears, is still pretty darn neat.

Simple, yet pretty nice. The transformation is kinda cool. I find it hard to make CCBS transformers.