Shogun Master - Tahu

Hello people :slight_smile:
Today i want to show you my lates Moc.
I just need to rebuild his fingers cause iam not satisfied with them haha :smiley:


Can it even pose???

It’s cool, tho.

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His abs have abs! And those abs also have abs!


Articulation is the only thing that bugs me about this moc.


More Samurai MOCs - is this the new MOCing trend?

Jsyk, I did it before it was cool.

Anyhow, this is a really cool MOC - but it feels like a statue, not something to be posed around.


Even though there are some cluttered areas of this MOC, I’m impressed by the size of this, and the “Wow!” factor is extremely high. I love this MOC for being an “Ultimate” Tahu, that could beat Makuta to shreds.

Whoa. This looks super swanky, man. I love it.

BUT, no moc is perfect. For one, I think the torso is too long, and the blue from the uniter chestplate looks a little out of place.

Usually I don’t like this kind of bulky moc, but I really like this.

beefcake samurai are so 2014

I like this


He kinda just looks really awkward to me, with the torso being far longer than the legs.

He can’t even proportion. He forgot how. For only $5.99 a month you too can help a Tahu learn how to proportion.

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Tahu looks like he overdosed on steroids and managed to make it look good.


Tahu! Did you get into the steroids again?
Anyway, great moc. :slight_smile:

Too many spikes