Short Video Games

ok we all at one time has played a short game that you wished was longer then it actually was.
the games I’m eliminating for this topic cause I know they can be spammed easily are

  • five nights at Freddy;s (all of them)

the shortest game I’ve played was Deadpool

what is yours???
this game has to be completed in a day any longer and it’s out

Sniper Ghost Warrior. Not the best game it the world but I had a lot of fun with it…before I beat the whole game…in like 6 hours in 1 day.

ok and you just made me include a good rule

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The new Star Wars Battlefront. The campaign is so quick, it took me 0 seconds to beat it.


Layers of fear. The game lasts about 3 hours.
It’s a great horror game, though.

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I don’t know if this counts but the Telltale games in total are really short, probably around 6-7 hours each, but they’re so fun!

Shortest game I’ve played in a while is Portal. So much fun packed into too small a package.

Also Destiny. And I don’t have Gold, so the campaign and Patrols are all I’ve got…

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Mask of Creation game, anyone? Took me less than a day to finish that thing

yeah that counts

@PakariNation99 Portal counts but Destiny doesn’t cause there is so much in it and it takes longer then a day to complete it

United Double Posts.

House of the Dead
Time Crisis
Any Rail shooters the more I think about are about a Hour or so

Minecraft, I can beat the whole achievement tree in 24 or so minutes.

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Short games that I’ve beaten in a day
Half life: Blue ■■■■■
Megaman 2
Starfox 64 I guess, cuz it’s meant to be beaten in one go.


Portal 2, definitely. If somebody asks me to play a bit of Portal 2, I usually get really bored through the first chapter, and ask myself, “How can no one do these levels?”

It takes me about 2-3 days to beat it.

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I can beat it in 5 hours, not counting the loading screens, but if you count them, it is around 7 hours.

I beat it in a day once when I was sick. It was the first real game that wasnt a flash game or lego game that I played. It pretty much made me into the gamer I am today.

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Halo 5 was short if you just ran threw it, the minimum time on normal difficulty is about four and a half hours, and taking your time and higher difficulties being around seven and a half to nine hours.


Transistor or bastion made by supergiantgames. Both are masterpieces and I would highly recommend.

I don’t mean physical game time, I mean meaningful game content.

The campaign is really what Destiny focuses itself on, and it is short. About three-four hours maybe. The Patrols and grinding I don’t count as part of the game because it isn’t required and isn’t forced.

The Force Unleashed II.

The first game had a nice length, and a good story.

This second game? There’s only like a few levels that take a while to beat but regardless it was criminally short. Like, I felt disappointed that there wasn’t more.

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