Shots that are better than the rest of the movie

I’ll notice this a lot especially when watching older films, where sometimes a shot is so incredibly good compared to the rest that it feels like it belongs in a different (often more modern) movie. Here is the example that made me think of this; from Batman ‘89.
This shot really carries a visual and dare I say thematic weight to it that I feel isn’t really present in the rest of the movie (still enjoy it though). I think a lot of the examples I can think of are probably Batman related because my sense of aesthetics tends to lean pretty far into gothic/chiaroscuro heavy visuals.

I’d love to see your examples! I enjoy talking about this kind of thing.


One example of this I just thought of are the multiple times in the Transformers movies where a close-up of Optimus Prime’s mask being deployed is used. Especially in RoTB, these shots seem to be done very well for the scenes they’re featured in, even when the movies often aren’t the best. They just look cool, and often are coupled with good voice lines that fit the action well.


I always love when he does that!


Spiderman Shooting Web Gif


Oh that’s a good one! That movie has a few of those.


I agree. The physical action is probably some of the best in any Spider-Man movie.

This one stands out to me, though, because it’s really great metaphorically and really sells the emotion of the scene, and probably the theme of the whole movie. A lot of the other shots that are great in TASM2 are really just cool action.


Ive always loved the Tobey films more than the Andrew ones (grew up on them first too), but that scene still stands out as one of the best in any of the Spiderman movies


I’m gonna mention the scene from Iron Man 3 with all the suits flying in at the end at the end. Watching a small army of Iron Men show up to fight is really gratifying for the third installment, even if I generally dislike the movie itself