Should I make YouTube videos?

Well during my recent 1 week hiatus (I’ll bet very few folk noticed) my IRL friends told me that I should start a YouTube channel. Apparently I have “personality” or something. What do you guys think, should I do it?


If you feel comfortable putting yourself out there on the internet then go ahead, every new thing you try is another you can keep or cross off on where you want to go next.
One thing I’d say is that do a channel not for wanting to get famous like Pewdiepie, but to do it for fun. You probably know that already so I wont badger on about it.
It is completely up to you and if you want to possibly commit yourself to a channel on a regular basis.
: )


Sure, go for it! :smile:

I remember making YouTube videos back when I was 11… So, I mean, if you’ve got some cool video ideas, go ahead and make them a reality. People will appreciate it. And as Viper said, if you do want to create videos, make sure you have fun! :smiley: :wink:

(Also, I’m interested to know what kind of “personality” your friends see in you)


Sure? I suppose Viper and Waj pretty much summed it up; don’t do it just because you want popularity or your friends are pressuring you to do it. Do it because you think you will enjoy making videos.


Only if every video isn’t “X IN MINECRAFT”


Learning new British slang with @Viper on every post :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen Muricans do it too.

I have actually been contemplating doing youtube for a while I’ve just been deciding what i’d actually put up as content.

The ideas I had were:

  • Stop Motion
  • Gaming (I have a fairly large collection)
  • pod-casting (probaly about gaming)
  • All of the above

Don’t let your dreams be just dreams.


I’ve had certain dreams best left that way (nuking the moon).


That is the best kind of dream to make real though.



Short answer: No

Long answer: Sure why not.

Question: Why are you asking us?


First thing you need is an idea. I wanted to start a channel for a while, but I had no ideas; nothing to give the videos content.

Second thing you need is a way to make these videos. Camera, Mic, whatever you need to make whatever it is you hope to make and make it the best it can be.

Third thing you need is a mattress patience.

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I mean look at me, I have 12 subs no videos. (not to brag) ((or do I))

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Because I hoped by now someone here would understand my personality.


I think there’s a couple things you should consider before you start

  1. What is it exactly you’d being doing? Without focus things get messy and much more stressful. You need to have a clear idea of what your goals are.

  2. Do you really want to do it? If you’re just doing it because your friends tell you should, you’re not going to keep it up in the long run. You have to know it’s something you want to do, and will enjoy doing for a long time.

If you do decide it’s something you’d like to do, don’t dive in headfirst, you’ll overwhelm yourself. There’s a lot of learning with this kind of thing, and a whole ton more work then you’d think going in to it.

Once you decide you want to do it, the most important thing you do is stick with it. You’ll be surprised at home things progress if you just stick with them.


Hey there, here’s the (worthless) opinion of a random, average Joe, basic schmuck of a guy on the internet! My advice, mostly what every other guy has to say, only do it if you want to and most importantly enjoy it. To further emphasize my point, I will tell you about this sort-of friend I have/had, he used to do the whole YouTube thing, but recently he had to quit, just because it became to stressful for him to manage. I only tell you this because I hope to help. Just remember: If it makes you stress, or fell bad, don’t do it for anyone else but you, any of your real friends and fans will understand…

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