Should Meso and Eljay Play Bionicle Heroes For a Let's Play?

The reason why I have spoke of this is because I would really enjoy a lets play of Bionicle heroes smile


I would love to see them do that. It would be so funny to see Meso play that game, especially since the whole thing is basically killing creatures and then going into hero mode. There's also nice scenery, too.


ikr lol

I'd watch this!

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All the previous games have been up for free on BMP and I'm sure they said somewhere that bionicle heroes isn't good letsplay material.

I would love to see this! But

There could be that...

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Make it a Boards Exclusive then stuck_out_tongue


Well, TBH, I actually got Bionicle Heroes for like $5

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That's five dollars that could have gone to Kahi's xbox


Yes, but chances are they both already played it.

It would be difficult for Eljay to watch Meso (over vise versa), though, not impossible. It would be much easier and more realistic for only one of them playing.

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I would love to see this.....but I doubt it will happen.

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