Should the post-2010 serials be decanonized?

I was in a discussion with some fellow Bionicle fans regarding the post 2010 serials and how they never got a proper ending. There is a large portion of the community that enjoys the material and concepts you were planning to create in the post-2010 BIONICLE story, but are perturbed that it never got an official written conclusion and that you were forced to release the information through Q&A and forum posts. Many feel that the official, recognized “ending” for BIONICLE should be the end of Journey’s End.

Would you ever consider decanonizing them in order to give Bionicle a real ending (or, at least, one that has all of its story recognized in official written material). My proposed possibility would be to still recognize the serials and the information you’ve revealed in recent years as material you wrote, but treat them as a “what could have happened” scenario or an alternate universe rather than “official” continuity.

Thanks for your time!


Decanonizing them at this point would be like ripping out a brick in a tower, everything above (or in this case, everything established after) comes tumbling down.

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He’s only talking about two unfinished serials. I doubt decanonizing them would greatly affect the BIONICLE canon.

Well, it would actually impact a number of characters. For instance, Orde, Chiara, and Zaria would not exist, meaning all of the events associated with their characters in the past (such as the reason for Ce-Matoran being female) would be decanonized. Additionally, everything having to do with the Bota Magna Vorox, the Red Star revelations, and Velika’s secret identity would be wiped out.

I agree that Journey’s End is a fitting conclusion to the G1 story, but there’s no need to decanonize what came after it just because it’s unfinished. The same could be said of TV shows such as the Clone Wars, which was canceled while one season was in production. Even though the ending of the fifth season was an adequate and emotional conclusion to the show, the fans were still pleased to have the episodes from Season Six, despite the fact that they weren’t part of an official ending. Lots of great stories have been left unfinished, but that doesn’t mean that things need to be wiped from canon in order to make it seem like the loose ends are tied up. Part of BIONICLE’s beauty is that it was created as a story that fans could influence and interact with, so I personally believe that leaving the canon intact is a good thing, as it allows for those fans who want to imagine how the serials would have ended to do so.