"Show Me Your Moves!": Captain Falcon LDD MOC

Hello everyone on the Boards!

Wow, two topics in one day? I must be crazy!

Well, here's a thing! This is an LDD MOC I made a while back of my favorite Smash Bros. character, the F-Zero racer Captain Falcon!

I'm fairly proud of it as it's a really articulated System figure and it's fairly accurate to his portrayal in the games!

"Show me your moves!"




So yea, that's Captain Falcon (even though Toon Link is my main...but the Captain is a close second)!

Let me all know what you think of the MOC, and maybe even through in your favorite Smash characters!

As always,
Comment and Enjoy!


You can't go wrong with Captain Falcon.

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This is a pretty great MOC. :smile:


0/10, there's no flaming-fire-falcon-thingy around the Falcon Pawnch!
Seriously though, I like it.

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Great job!
This is neat...


In all seriousness this is a great MOC. You've really captured Falcon's glorious essence.

Very cool!

Oh yeah!

Thank you! His glorious essence transitioned well into bricks, I feel!

Shoot, I was going to add that in as a brick-built thing, but he's not in the punching pose anymore and getting him back into one is not worth my effort! :smile:

Never can!

Thanks all!

can you make captain dubai xD (the gold one) and the pink and white one :stuck_out_tongue:

I can certainly try!