Shrek Adventure 2 Battle

Hey guys, it’s me again. Back with a meme-y drawing. (I don’t know if this truly goes against the meme posting rule, it’s well made so hopefully it doesn’t break it. If they do, then I’ll have it taken down.)

This was inspired by this fantastic mash up:

I heard this fantastic mash up by Pan Pizza’s review of Shrek on the Xbox:

If you have anything to say, both good and bad, leave a comment down below.
Anyways, take care!


A true meme lord makes his own memes. You are worthy of the title.


I expected this to be cringy but it’s surprisingly well drawn. Good work.


Looks great

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I never thought I’d see Shrek resurface again.

This is quite well drawn though.

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Somebody once told him, “You’re slow”
She’s not the fastest ogre in the game…

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Thank you good sir!

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What a cool kid.


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Really nice drawing, like the style.

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Flashbacks to crawling in my skin

Well done m9.

SOMEbodyonce ogres the worrrrrllllll ERROR 404

That’s actually some sick perspective and shading you’ve got going on there. I :green_heart: it.


Thanks! Glad to see my hard work is paying off in my art!

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