Shrek, Master of Onions (MOC)

Behold, one of my GREATEST creations yet!

Shrek, Master of Onions! Equipped with his super sharp onion cutting knife of DOOM!

Have you accepted Shrek as your lord and savior?


I think different feet could've been chosen, just 'cause Shrek has boots in the movies, but overall I think you capture his general image very nicely. Even if you did have to use pieces that don't technically exist, it's still cool looking.

Oh my goodness that's great, why did I never think of a Shrek constraction

This is what I was saying at MakutaFest, DreamWorks teaming up with LEGO to bring back Shrek and BIONICLE in 2015.

In all seriousness, it is good, but I agree on the feet criticism, and I also think the torso looks kinda odd.


BEST THING EVER! Good job man!

It's all ogre now...


looks good but i really dislike the whole Shrek is love Shrek is life thing.

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That actually looks pretty epic. Different feet choices would probably help, but everything else is very faithful.




You have pleased the Ogrelord
-long time brogre

Onions, Onions, Onions!

I have a feeling Shrek will be visiting you tonight to give you a reward


Where's Donkey? Isn't Shrek without Donkey.

I know im gonna sound like an idiot but what did you use to make this

It looks like he used Lego Digital Designer.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life. xD

Anyway, nice job! Now this makes me want a Lego Shrek line...

oh god

It's never ogre...

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Put it on Cuusoo!

You mean Lego Ideas?

Its the same thing. LEGO recently changed the name.

Weird, I did something similar with my Ogrum "revamp"