Sid Meier's Civilization V Discussion Topic

So, I figured that seeing as as of this morning, I have TWO monitors, and I can now play Civ V and surf the web at the same time, I'd go ahead and make a discussion topic for it!

Discuss what your favorite Civs are, who are your worst enemies, what you find great or bad about the game.....

........and most of all, if you'd be interested in some sort of TTV Fan Civ V game night (although in all actuality more like day).


Me: For the glory of mother Russia. I claim these Indian lands as my own!

Gandhi: Nukes.

Me: F*******************!!!!

Anyway, as you can tell, my favorite civ is Russia. Also, my game crashes after the start screen, so I don't know when I'll be able to play, but I'm [TEG]SammySpartan on steam if you want to add me. I'm also in the TTV group.

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Cool! I'll look you up later though. Civ V calls for me stuck_out_tongue

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Catherine is mai waifu.
Same with Alexander.

Genghis Kahn is my worst enemy

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In my first game, Gheghis Kahn denounced me like, three times. I can agree. If he suffered what I play as now......

Seriously, I play the ONLY Civ that I know of that can have Composite Bowman on the first turn.

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I missed this the first time I read this, I hate you now.

Guessing this is something from the expansions, I only got vanilla. :confused:

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Maybe you'd hate me less if I made a Lelouch MOC?

No composite bowmen? They're basically regular archers, only a whole lot more powerful. I had City States FEARING ME on Turn 16. I can have them on turn one because my Civ, the Shoshone, get to choose what they get from Ancient Ruins, and so if I upgrade my starter Military Unit, the Pathfinder, I can turn it into something I wouldn't get for AT LEAST 50-75 turns later.

What level do you guys play on? I personally play on level 6 (Emperor) soon to be Immortal. I love to play as Japan, Rome, or Babylon.

Well, I got the game about two months ago.....

.....and haven't really had the time or patience to complete the game in one sitting, seeing as Steam games used to completely overtake my computer. So I "almost" finished the game once, although I think Atilla was beating me, my friend and I stayed up until six in the morning attempting a Domination Victory, but our game crashed while conquering our fifth Civ, so we decided to do likewise, and I'm now on my third playthrough, and am doing quite well. Needless to say, though, with only twoish times through, I'm still on the standard difficulty.

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I typically play Noble, to keep it fair between me and the AI.

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um... I don't know what game you're playing, but its definitely not civ 5. There's no noble difficulty. :/

He may be playing an expansion.

I recently got this game, so i thought i might as well revive this topic.
Rome is definitely my favorite civilization. One of my favorite things to do as Rome is to build a road to someone else's city with a Legion, move my troops there, and conquer it.
However, I. HATE. FRANCE. Every time France is in the game, they either A) Declare war on me for LITERALLY no reason, or B) Denounce me nonstop.


I like to play as Austria, get a bunch of city-states on my side, and use them to control the World Council.

Also, Gandhi is the most insidious enemy as far as I'm concerned. stuck_out_tongue


This is a game that I've been wanting to get for ages now. From game play that I've seen, I would have to say that the Shoshone, Inca, Aztecs, Maya, and Spain are my favourite civs. I just love all of their special units and abilities.

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Will their ever be Message boards Session

Probably not

But if we ever did have one, I call dibs on Gandhi

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I might be Japan and name my Cities after Anime
or be Korea and name them after League of Legends places
Maybe England (or another one good for the city names) and name them after World of Warcraft Places

What would you name them after @Takua?