Sid Meyer's Civilization Series

All the way from the beginning of man to the age of the future, from the original Civ all the way up to Civ 6: Gathering Storm. Share mechanic ideas, favorite mods, cool stories, favorite leaders/civilizations, tips and tricks, and overall thoughts on these famous turn-based strategy games.


I have five, it’s fun

six is better than five change my mind

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I can’t, since I agree.

Especially after Gathering Storm dropped. Although there are a few cool things I think would be neat to be able to do, and one or two leaders I wish were in, overall I still love the game.

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I only play five.

I suck at the game.

I’ve only won time victories like the poor sap I am.


I own Civ 2 through 5, but I have only played 2 and 5 so far. I grew up with 2 so it’s my favorite, but I haven’t been able to play it in years because of compatibility issues. There are ways to patch it but the last time I tried it didn’t work, so I stopped.

One day though… I will return to playing it. Civ 2 for me is just very straightforward and quick (enough) yet with still enough depth I can just clock in hours and hours without realizing how much time in a day I’ve wasted on it.


So, I love 6, but there’s still a few things that would be cool if they added.

First is the disease mechanic they introduced in the Black Death scenario. I’d actually love to see that expanded upon in a new expansion later down the road, with a few leaders really taking it into their abilities(I can already think of one…well, two, technically…)

Next would be the ability to redraw shared borders after a war. Not just take cities, like we can now, but redraw which civ gets which specific tile(though this might be a bit of a challenge to program, especially AI determining what they’d allow considering how the war had gone.)

As for new Civs and leaders, I can only think of one. I’d really like to see the Byzantine Empire represented again, not only with Justinian, but Theodora as well, but not as separate rulers: as Civ’s first co-ruler. I just think that you can’t really have one without the other. While I haven’t thought of any unique districts or units they could have, or what the Civ ability would be, I have thought of a cool leader ability: Justinian’s Plague. It would have to do with the disease mechanic I brought up earlier, likely lowering lethality of the diseases and something to do with gaining culture during/after the disease, but it’s based off of the real Plague of Justinian, a strain of Black Death that went through the Byzantine Empire, and that Justinian himself caught and survived. That was a rare case, I believe, and would make sense with the mechanic if it’s ever fleshed out.

Also, I can’t wait for Gathering Storm to come out for the Switch version of 6. Playing as the Maori looks really fun.

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Some other features that’d be neat are some that have little effect on gameplay.

For example, the ability to name continents/rivers/mountain ranges yourself instead of/as an alternative to the randomly generated names. Or, a lens that you can make regions of your own to show, like if you want to subcategorize your empire/continents.

But that’s mainly just picky stuff. All my actual gameplay ideas are in my last post.

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What is this series? What’s the gameplay like?

Turn based strategy, where you direct city centers in what they should construct and control units for warfare, trading, etc. and diplomatically weave your way around other civilizations to attempt to win one of the five or so victory conditions

So like risk+clash of clans?

No, more like risk + XCOM. sorta. (there’s actually a refence to it in the civ 5’s brave new world expansion)

Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I liked Beyond Earth best.

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I’ve never played either of those, so I have no clue.

One of the best ways to see it is either watch some of the beginner’s guides to it, either by other members of the community or even some by Firaxis themselves. Other than that is just playing the games. They have a mobile game called Civilization Revolution, which is only 5 dollars, but I’ve never played it, so I can’t claim anything on its quality.

I have it’s alright. its more like the early civ games, but the battle mechanics is more like Advance wars or wargroove.

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Well, I caved and bought it for PC, along with the expansions.

It was worth it. Started a game as the Maori and so far I’m loving the new mechanics and leaders and stuff. And I’ve found a few mods I might use in my next game, including a modded civ and a few small things mainly, and now once I get myself more situated and more experienced with the new mechanics and stuff, I had an idea for a multiplayer game with other people from the boards that I thought might be fun.

Sure. as long as it’s stays clean I’m down with that, though I don’t own Gathering Storm, only Rise and Fall. Though, for the record, you picked the worst Civ to start out on. You should have sprung for 5.

I’ve played 5 before, albeit quite a while ago.

I actually still really enjoy 6 though. I’ve had it on Switch for a while now, but the lack of the expansions made me want to get it for the PC as well, and I finally have.

I’ll play a multiplayer civ game granted I only have 5 atm

I still say 5 is better, but if you want to play a game, I’ll gladly join you some day.

btw, what are you playing it on? Steam?