Sideswipe (Bayverse edition)

“Humanity’s last hope? Man, I’m good!” — Sideswipe

As a swordsman, Sideswipe is almost unrivaled among the Autobots, using his dual Energon-enhanced swords to slice through enemies with little effort (or so he would have you believe). As a leader? Not quite so effective. While he is one of Optimus Prime’s top lieutenants, his cocky demeanor sometimes provokes annoyance from subordinates, especially when he starts on his seemingly endless supply of quips mid battle. Yet something exists in his spark that makes him rise above his faults, even as a threat grows that could shake the galaxy…

Sent to stop the fleet of an alien race bent on eliminating Cybertron’s human allies, he will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission. Even as he adopts their weapons, he refuses to let them bring about an act that spells doom for all.

And so, I have created another Transformer inspired by Halo. This sketch was inspired by Bayverse Sideswipe’s resemblance to the Elites in Halo, and the fact that he uses swords to fight helped quite a lot, as it makes an energy sword look much less out of place on him.