Sidorak's matoran - Help with names, pls?

So. First, sorry for not being active on the forums lately, i've had other things to do.
But why I've made this topic... I want you guys to help me giving names to, these guys:
(I will start making a video series with them, it depends on how much time i'll have)

Check the album here

Red one: ??? (He's the egoist)
Blue: Jenkins (yup, Jenkins, he's the typical smart guy of the group)
Black/silver: Scott ( he can only speak using texts, inspired by scotttjt stuck_out_tongue )
Brown kakama dude: ???
White: ??? (He's the "normal" , boring guy)
Green: ??? (He can only speak using google translate)

You can give them any kind of name!


I see no Brown Pakari guy! The Red 'n Black one has one tho! (Brown mask is Kakama!)

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@Creep Whoops. thx for correction! smiley

No Problem Mate!

Matoran names are acceptable, right?

Red: Kudrek.
Brown: Paho.
White: Eltais.
Green: Pac.


Yep. Any kind of name, also i like these thanks!

Shouldnt this be in promotions and advertising?

@Charyas. Nope, i don't want to advertise myself smile

Nah, this topic's also about showing the MOCs, so this is fine.


Of course, he real question is, is "this one for Jenkins"?
also your little group needs a female if you can't get a voice actor make her the one who speaks via text

Welp. I have trouble with names myself sometimes. Let me throw a few references your way to see if you like any of my stupid names, eh? stuck_out_tongue
Red: I have no idea.
Brown: Ray (AchievementHunter's "BrownMan", if you're familiar)
White: Bob. Bob seems like a normal guy's name.
Green: Welp. Foreign? Careful. Can run into racial territory there. Don't choose a name like "Hans" or "Ivan" (respectively stereotypical German/Russian names).

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Here be my two cents.

Red: Leroy
Brown: Jackson
White: Joe
Green: Alphonse