*Sigh* Another Problem of Mine....

Hey guys.Im here again,with yet again another problem.
This time its the lack of inspiration.I was wanting to create a rahi inspired by Little Brotherhood Studio’s Makiki moc,only to find myself stuck on what to do. I turned to the message boards.No dice.Its hard for me to even come up of a build of my own nowadays.And each time i think about creating a beeg bionicle,i immediately get shot down because there is just not enough parts to go around. Sigh
I don’t have many rare or effective parts,and using stud.io just makes me feel weird.Because if i’m going to go on a computer to mess around with something i could actually enjoy in my hands,it breaks me into pieces.Not only that,it would just be better to play video games in that case. That’s why i don’t have very many moc topics,and many of my builds are not at all cost effective. Its driving me crazy,and i needed to talk to a community that can understand that.Its been really hard and i really just need help. I’m basically drowning in self doubt and lack of inspiration.
Plus,i don’t know about you,but ever since Greg got fired and the contest were over,we were back in free fall. I needed to get this off my chest and explain exactly what i believe is happening. I’m just really going through a depression in inspiration,i guess. But at least i can talk to you guys about bionicle.Many people i would talk to when i say bionicle would ask what the heck i’m talking about and why a strange four eyed man in a suit is following me around. cough cough @Ghid .


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