Sight-seeing 2016 Sets

Some lucky people are finding the 2016 sets in store. We did this last year, let’s do it again this year! Where have you seen (or not seen) the new sets at in stores?




Unfortunately, nothing yet. :confused:

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I haven’t seen any in my hands.

This wave is a failure.

everyone pin the location of your findings to this map with a red dot :stuck_out_tongue:

that would actually usefull

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As @Hydraxon has discovered plenty of sets in a local TRU around the Markham area, i’ll probably go check that out too sometime on the Christmas break, as I live in that area. I’ll take a pic of the entire shelf if I can.


Pics are out, but I personally think tat lego is stocking up the retailers…

I’ll be going to the Lego Store in Miami somewhere next week so with a bit of luck, I’ll find them there.

Anyone who’s hiding the 2016 sets in back rooms…


Ooh, I’ll check that out too.

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I got all of them at my local target


Pics or it didn’t happen


Lego Store Miami was a bust. No 2016 sets whatsoever. They told me they will be getting them early januari which makes sense but I did hope to find them.

If you are in the Pembroke pines area, the barns & noble across the street from Pembroke Lakes mall. I found these 3. They still had 1 Akida & 1 Uxar left


Welp, it’s official: no place in Amarillo even cares about BIONICLE.



The Bonkle fanbase are as ravenous as hyenas.


My triumphant board return post :P. My Barnes and Noble (Pittsford NY) had all the sets. I bought them, but they have 1-2 Umarak, a Kopaka and I believe a Ketar remaining afterwards.



Korea doesn’t have those new fangled 2016 sets.

Sooo, literally none of the toy stores in my area have the new Bionicle’s but they do have Nexo Knights and the new Star Wars sets etc.

Store 1:

"Hey, you have the new Bionicle sets?"

“No, we won’t be any new Lego sets until February.”

FEBRUARY?! Okay, thanks anyway.

Store 2:

(Comes inside the store and sees employees filling the shelves with Nexo Knights sets)

"Nice, this is it. This is where they have the sets."

"Hey, do you have the new Bionicle sets?"

“All the stuff on the shelves is new so it must be there.”

"Uuhh, no, these are from last year"

“Oh.(checks 2016 catalogue) You’re right, we don’t have these. It is possible they might be in a next ■■■■■■■■ in February.”

"U WOT M8?!"

Store 3:

"Hey, do you have the new Bionicle sets?"

“No, we’re getting a ■■■■■■■■ later this week but it doesn’t contain any new Lego.”

When will you be recieving new Lego shipments then?"




Store 4:

"Hey, do you have the new Bionicle sets?"

“No, we might get new Lego in February but i’m not sure.”

(Internal screaming)

So, that has been my day so far. Why february? Last year they had the sets at this time, why not now? I’m so annoyed right now. :confused:


I cant find any Bionicle 2016 sets here in Sweden.

I got my first two sets on January 8 here in Hungary