Sigma Takanuva

Takanuva’s ultimate form. This moc came about from fiddling with some gold greebles. Also changed the lower leg design from the old one I was using to avoid exposed technic. Now the legs look a little cleaner. Enjoy :slight_smile:


the mask is really impressive! :smile:


The mask really sells it for me, it’s amazing :blush:


dear god that fround

it’s sick

thighs are a bit weird,

but otherwise HE’S PERFECT


holy crap, that’s great

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Teach me your ways, Likus-sensei


This is generally really impressive. My jaw dropped when I saw it. I love the greebling, and the mask - while It doesn’t quite look like the mask of life, It’s astounding how you made it. Congrats, sir.

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that head
mind blown

This is what perfection looks like

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You usually fill in the hips so smoothly to the point of impeding movement, what happened with this? It’s super open and bare,

The moc looks great from the front, but the hips are really detracting from the aesthetics.

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This is truly perfect.
That mask…
Man, that mask.

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This is good.
This thing is something I label “good”.


That mask. I must have it!

Love the mask. The thing looks like the movie mask of shadows mixed with the mask of creation.
Is that a metaphor for how when one gains power to destroy something, they secretly become what they wish to stop?

Probably not. Still cool.

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How did you even

this is perfect


I don’t usually care about mocs but this really tickles my pickle. I really enjoy your creations.


Wow, that head is glorious!

Also, I misread this as ‘Sigma Takumanuva’.

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I like the mask. I like the everything else too

This is fantastic, it manages to keep consistent with Takanuva’s other forms right down to the custom face/mask.

Beautiful. Love absolutely everything from the mask to the general look, easily my favourite MOC from you. The only thing that bugs me is the open hips and the lack of the scythe, but otherwise I dare say this is perfect.