Sign the Solis Magna Petition!

This link above will take you to a page Reguarding a recent galaxy found, Someone has started a petition to have the name changed to "Solis Magna" the system where the Entire G1 Bionicle story resides in, if this happens not only will Both the Bionicle fanbase and Lego prosper from this, but Bionicle will be immortalized in galactic history

If you are a true Bionicle fan G1 or G2 you WILL want to sign this ASAP!!!


It does kind of look like the symbol, doesn't it?

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Oy vey. This again. This petition has been brought up before, and I'll gladly support it. And before anyone else mentions it, yes, this does merit a new topic. The other topic was for discussing the system itself, not the petition unnecessarily long sentence.

(Also: still say it looks like Raanu's shield.)


I personally disagree, considering this is quite intertwined with the discussion of the images. I'm considering merging the two.

On topic, this is from a Reddit thread regarding this petition:

"NASA doesn't name celestial bodies. You can try googleing it, but I didn't get any meaningful results.
Nobody with any authority tries to name celestial bodies because by and large, its a dishonest business. Anyone who actually wants to name a body probably doesn't understand how the names are used." - Imosa1

"You are correct, NASA doesn't name celestial bodies. The IAU is the scientific organization which names the objects we see in the sky.

Astronomical bodies are catalogued nowadays though, because if we tried to give a name to everything we saw in the sky with our ever expanding range of sight, it would take too long, and we would run out of unique names pretty quick. Most named bodies are given them because they turned out to be particularly unique, or are the center of study, so it's easier to reference them with a descriptive name. And as we all know, the planets and some stars have names because they were given them by early civilizations.

There are efforts to create a "Catalog of Named Galaxies", where a thousand of the most prominent galaxies would be given names similar to how we catalog and name species of animal, which I think is a cool idea. But it appears to be still in it early stages, and doesn't mention including nebulae such as the one in the petition.

With all that being said, NASA probably wouldn't do anything if the petition met its goal. They might pass a suggestion along to the IAU, but probably nothing beyond that. It's a neat idea to rename it, but I doubt it would happen, especially since Bionicle is a relatively obscure subject matter to most." - beermit




God dang it

Petitions are freking annoying


Two words.


honestly, a petition is kind of pointless unless you have a better plan than:
"tell nasa to space

while I doubt the good people at the IAU would be so mean-spirited as to deny simply naming a random galaxy, this is not the way to go about it.


THIS does NOT warrant a separate topic. Honestly this should have stayed in the original topic.

What ElJay said in response to Rac.

I would like to add on to this:


My apologies for the emphasis, but I can not stress this enough.


Eljay basically summed up why this can't work.

Haha, no.


Your foul capitalist marketing will not work on me.

Anyways, this basically falls under Promotions and Advertising, so until someone else disagrees in the staff, I'm gonna close this.

(Plus, this doesn't even warrant it's own topic.)