Signatures - Can we/Should we have them?

I have used different forums/boards for a long time, and this is the first one that I have come across which doesn’t use signatures. After being on here for a good 10 months, I feel like signatures would be a good thing. Tell me, is it possible for signatures to be a part of the boards, and if so, would you support them? I’d like to see people’s opinions on this subject if it is possible, so please reply down below if you feel positively, negatively or anywhere in between about signatures :smile:


I’ve asked the cast about this before, and they said that it would be hard to do with the way that the boards are done right now. Perhaps in the future, but probably not the near one.


signatures make posts and topic look really cluttered, so im glad that these boards don’t have them tbh


Siggies in concept are kinda cool, however with how the message boards are formatted, adding siggies would probably make it harder.


Personally I don’t see the point to them. I mean we already have our names and stuff, plus profiles and stuff we can see.

They’d be kinda redundant.


I don’t really like signatures. They’re often distracting and make topics look too cluttered. Considering the topics here are a one-page scroll it would make reading all the more tedious.

Just taking a quick glimpse at a user’s profile is more efficient than signatures. They probably have the same information anyway.


I never liked the signatures on BZP. Not easy to tell what’s part of the post, and what isn’t. And with repeated posters, it looks redundant.

But I have nothings against a simple name signature, like what Meso or Willess have.

I agree completely.

But I mean, I’ve seen some people use written signatures sometimes. I don’t, but I always use

As always,
Comment and Discuss

at the end of all my topics. So you can do something similar, but just without a dedicated function.

I don’t get the point of a signatures. I mean we have our profile right above our post! Why do we need something else to make the place more cluttered.

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Yeah, I guess I do sometimes put: ‘-- Waj’ at the ends of some of my posts.

But, I’d say having large signature pictures, can really distract from having any kind of discussion. I think a lack of big signatures is probably one of the main reasons I really like this forum. That, and the fact that there aren’t separate pages for just one topic.

– Waj


Don’t really like signatures on message boards to be honest, which is ironic because I would totally use the biggest picture and font for a signature :confused:


######I actually like signatures and think that it would be cool to have them.

Pretty sure there’s some issue regarding plugin functionality that prevented signatures from being part of the boards to start with. That, paired with the apparent distaste for them by members of the boards leads me to believe that they probably won’t ever become a feature.


It would be kinda cool, but it wouldn’t add a whole lot.

I like signatures and think that would be cool, but I’m not really sure the format of the site would really work with it.

It’s pretty pointless because we already have our names on the post. It makes sense if you were on a wiki, but even then there are places where they’d be redundant there as well. So yeah, it’s pointless.

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Ehh, after seeing forums where the signatures just consist of large distracting GIFs, I really don’t think the boards would benefit from having them.


No. Our avatars pretty much do the same thing.

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I really hate signatures on other websites. It’s annoying when you’re trying to read a page and everyone’s stupid image takes up half of it.

Doing this is actually against the rules of the Board.


Huh, I didn’t know that…

Well I don’t do it on normal posts, and really I don’t see it as often as it may be insinuated.


I don’t really see why signatures would be necessary