“Maybe Bats like to kill people without looking them in the face, but i ain’t a fink. Dig?”
"From where you’re kneelin’ it must look like an 18-karat run of bad luck, the truth is the game was rigged from the start."

Battered and broken, this Bug takes up arms to seek revenge against the bats who’ve betrayed her. A particular target on her hit list would be a certain sugar substitute, however silicone refuses to divulge any details about why she’s pursuing her in particular, but most assume it’s due to her missing arm.

4th wall disappears or something I’m not creative enough for this

Ayo finally finished my bug moc now with 50% more edge.

My fellow members and supporters of the Mass Mite counter coalition, I urge you to bear arms as I have and join us in the fight against the bat menace.


Man, it’s such a bad time to leave all my legos at home…
Sick moc, hopefully we can get some more bugguys around here to even the odds.


And so our numbers increase, well done. A fine addition to the cause.


The consistent texture of the silver armor looks really slick. I like the butterfly theme, too. Lots of good stuff here.


This is a certified Good Moc

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Yet another capable fighter to bring glory to the MMCC. Our reach extends farther and our strength grows.

I’ll have to get back to pencil and paper soon


Very cool!! :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


Yes! More users join the great cause!

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yes, a good bug soldier!
also I love the parts usage here.

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Nice MOC! Could someone tell me how stable the connections are with the G2 masks being attached that way?

Silicon strikes before the enemy can react, making use of speed and power.

@DuneToa it depends on where it’s attached to. If you have it connected to say a mata hand on the axel holes, it’s stable enough to hold its position. You can also attach them to CCBS limbs at the socket. It’ll flop around when used like that


Thanks! I was wondering, since I’ve seen a few MOCs made like that.

When we’re done with it, it shall lack any limbs

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If you’re trying to discredit the bats, please stop.

Hey cool bug I like that sword