Silver Fang

Here’s a nostalgic character for me (also sorry for bat grammar):


Battle mode:

As stated before this moc is special to me. While I’ve always been aware of Bionicle and wanted the toys I never actually got any until 2008 with the phantoka, later my parents just bought me a couple of big plastic containers on eBay and that’s when it all started…
Turns out all those pieces used to belong to my babysitter at the time. He would also bring over a moc that he made that he decided to keep. The name of his moc was White Fang.
The story was simple, an evil cyborg dragon had murdered a major political figure and had fractured the nation leading to a war that would span 50 years in-universe. During the war an insectoid warrior would use ancient technology and materials from deep beneath a dormant volcano to clone his partner White Fang who was supposed to be some kind of holy reincarnation of a former deity (I was seven years old so I thought this was cool). When I first made him he was just a simple av matoran build that was black and red on his right side and white and blue on the other. This would remain his theme with every new version he got as he aged during the course of the story (AV matoran as a child, AV matoran with inika limbs for early teens, full inika build with mid to late teens, two titan forms for young adult, and his current black and silver design also for young adult). Today the on part of him that resembles his old self is his head design from his teenage build that has never changed (yes he did have a black and silver head on a half black and half white body).
Everything was going well until like all cliche back story the big cyborg dragon guy raided the facility and killed everyone except bug dude who escaped, he became homeless, and to top it all of his “father” WF abandoned him and left him to fend for himself until his teenage years after the war when he considered him a personal threat. Afterwards he would receive training from the veteran WF and that combined with the survival skills he had learned during his time as a hermit would make him into an impressive warrior. Until cyborg dragon’s demonic boss from another plane of existence decided to screw with them in a massive wild goose chase trying to find the reactivated body of the original deity clone (I was nine to twelve-ish by this point) which ended up in him having to kill his own possessed dad. This guy just couldn’t catch a break.
This was the point in my life where my babysitter was being to get tired with the game and the story would slowly devolved into a big grey mess, most of it is no longer canon.
The only other event that would be relevant in the past few years was the creatively named final battle to sum it up this was the end of the massive saga that I had created that would end with Silver and demon boss dude in a fight to the death which ended up tearing a hole in the space-time continuum allowing him and to be used in my story’s spiritual successor as him being a main character but not the focus of the story. Most of what happens now isn’t really that important right now so all you need to know is that he ended up getting a new form with his current design being black and silver to Mach his face. Later however he would be redesigned again ignoring the Bionicle ascetic an moving to a more anime-ish look that’s drawn on paper rather than built with Lego. But still I keep this version around for nostalgia.

Personally wise (current version) Silver an out of the box thinking individual with a cheery aditude trying to support and be a good friend to his teammates, however because of his lack of a formal education at a young age his morals are questionable at best. Instead of letting all the hardships, tragedies, and losses in his life let him down he’s come to realize just how worthwhile life is and the gift of being able to experience it, and this makes him stronger person as a result.

Action pose:

Of corse life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the best way to solve the yet most complex problem is the most simple of answers, punching stuff. In battle he can rely on his plethora of natural abilities like herculean strength, matalic epidermis, almost never ending stamina, and when he really needs it he can unfold his moderately sized wings that while not big enough to allow flight, allow for an increase in. Mobility and the ability to jump higher and glide from point A to point B with some strain on his back. But by far his most unique ability is to absorb the energy of his punches that bounces back at him according to Newton’s Third Law and use it too increase the power of the initial attack or store it for later. This devastating skill is referred to by silver as his “Fang Force” when used correctly makes each strike twice as powerful. The downside to this is that while he can hold a lot of energy as Fang Force it burns out quickly meaning that he has to be constantly hitting stuff and be moving around at a rapid rate to sustain his Fang Force and after absorbing the kinetic energy thrown back at him after hitting, his body can’t always contain it and may lead to serious internal injuries. Even with the risk he can still use his ultimate and most dangerous attack as a last resort. Instead of absorbing energy that bounces back at him he directly steals all of the energy from all of reality (makeing all of time and space stop as a result) to use in one single punch. This attack it’s called Obliteration Driller. After the fist makes contact with the target all of the energy hes stored is released. It’s also important to note that one either the energy is released as fang force it is converted back into its previous form and reassumes its position in the universe. Think of it as mining all the Uranium and Plutonium from the Earth and putting it into a bomb the size of a baseball and detenting it right in front of somebody’s face and after the blast all of the materials used in making the bomb suddenly reappears in its raw form deep within the planet as is it was never descovered while all the damage from the blast still remains. Of corse if he were to do this it would completely destroy his body instantaneously.

Of corse he’s not completely reliant on his Fang Force as his only offense ability. His main weapons are his s twin chainsaw gauntlets engendered specifically for him by Black Cascade wich cleave through the strongest of armor wile simultaneously increasing his already inhuman streangth. Although his gauntlets are his main weapon of war he has some experience useing swords and blade weapons he never received any training and only knows what he learned on his own and is outmatched and humiliated by anyone with an apprentice level of skill.

Also I’m probably going to be updateding this post misty more pictures and information that I may have left out by accident.


this is AWESOME! my favorite part of this moc of yours, is the fact that when the wings are folded down, it looks like he’s wearing some sort of bladed cloak.
the custome legs and torso are also my favorite.
outstanding job!!!

Lots of silver. And fangs.

That’s one prickly porcupine

seriously, that moc is pretty rad

Thanks! You now know the origins of my icon

Not a fan of the arms or the head, honestly.

But the rest is pretty good.



looks pretty good, but the knob sticking out of the chest is a bit odd.

This MOC is pretty awesome. It’s quite complex, well-done, has a cool story, and integrates both CCBS and technic effectively. Great work!