Silver Rahkshi Of Chain Lightning (Revamp)

I love making variants on official LEGO models. So when I came across silver Rahkshi backs and heads in a BIONICLE-filled tote, I immediately took it upon myself to try to build a silver variant of one of Makuta’s sons. Because of parts restrictions and a desire to emulate Miramax’s snake-esque stylization of the Rahkshi from Mask of Light I wound up making several adjustments to the original 2003 design.

I intentionally used the rounded CCBS shells to evoke the slithering snake-like aesthetic of the MoL Rahkshi

A variety of silver elements were used to fill out the torso. This, combined with the CCBS chest piece, has severely limited the gear function. But who needs floppy gear functions anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Both legs have been almost completely replaced with smoother, rounder parts.

Apologies for the low-contrast background. It’s all I have on-hand at the moment. Comment and critique would be greatly appreciated!


This looks great, man! :smile:


Very silver.

Oooooooh! Shiny!

I like it although I whish their was a little more trans blue in the moc over all its a good moc

Thanks guys!

Hmmm, you might be on to something. Trans-blue accents could be a great idea. I just don’t know where to put them…


Nice rahkshi moc you have here, I really like the flow of the design, really smooth. The only part that isnt too smooth are the arms. Part willing, if you could use some CCBS, or even system on the arms, I think it would help the smooth and reptilian aesthetic you have going on.

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Looks really solid! Although to me the legs look too short, but it’s whatever, it’s still a great MOC!

that looks really awesome man

Looking good! I like your improvements to the original sets. Does the function still work?

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do you have the brain attack torso piece in silver?
I recommend using it in place of the pretty normal torso piece

Yeah, I struggled with those. I originally kept them because I needed to keep the torso pieces (this isn’t supposed to be a complete revamp). However, I’ll be sure to experiment around a bit. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Thanks! The legs are the exact same length as the originals, if not a wee bit longer.

Thanks bro!

Thanks. I removed his gears if that’s what you’re asking. His arms can swivel maybe one centimeter to each side. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is, the standard torso piece flows extremely well and has that nice smooth “snake belly” look. The BA torso is a great piece, but not one that I think would work on this MOC (the exposed rods and pin holes would be a problem too). That being said, I’ll try it out and see how it looks. Thanks for the critique. :smiley:


I like it. The only thing I would change would be giving it previously un-used staff ends.


This is pretty cool!

Good idea. What parts would you suggest?


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[quote=“legomaster1378, post:12, topic:16804”]
Thanks! The legs are the exact same length as the originals, if not a wee bit longer.


######I am embarrassed.

Perhaps this.

Or this.
Or maybe this

Or this.
But I think these would fit the snake like astetic best.

I hope this was helpful.


Thanks for going to the effort of posting all those pics! I’m trying to use parts that are small and pointed like the original staff ends.

I’ll try and track some of these down. =)

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your welcome!

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This looks awesome. Looks a lot like the Miramax designs. Well done with the CCBS torso, especially! I’m impressed with how well it blends into the figure.

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