Simple crossbow design

Just a simple crossbow design using Pohatu’s boomerang and and a couple of Technic pieces.
Feel free to use this design in your mocs just give me credit.


Nice! I like how futuristic it looks.

Looks cool, and I like the trigger bit.

I’m into Bionicle crossbows, and this is certainty a good design!


Very nice, simplistic just like the title says. Does the boomerang wiggle around though, or is it pretty secure?

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If lego ever makes a ccbs Chewbacca, I know what bow design they’ll use.


Wow. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also finds a use for Pohatu’s specialized boomerangs. Top-notch work.


It’s pretty secure, you can shake it around and it won’t move.

Really nice looking, it would have been interesting if it could shoot like my old crossbow that I have no idea what I did with it

this looks great. Probably one of my most favourite looking BIONICLE weapons

Nice, effective design.

This is pretty cool!

Awesome! Looks fantastic!

Not enough people mentioning it’s resemblance to the Bowcaster/Chewbacca’s crossbow. This is really good too, nice work!


Man this is sleek.
Come on Chewbacca Buildable figure, Lego!

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Also maybe one of those tan droids.
Maybe a Jawa.
Definitely a Jawa.
And Yoda.
Palpatine? That’d be cool.
Darth Maul and Boba Fett, of course.

It looks simple but, very effective and future-esque.

Simple is good, especially with even the smallest creative touch. Good job!

I love it. I will definitely use this if I ever make a Nexo Knights Constraction MOC.

Love the trans-orange accents! The design look extremely solid (and very bowcaster-esque). :smiley:

Nice crossbow design, would work well with a CCBS Chewbacca or a CCBS Nexo Knights figure if they ever made one.