"Simple" Matoran Design - By Sidorak

Here's my Matoran design, as I promised smile
Also, any of these can be fit into the Exo-Matoran! (without the shoulder pieces)


How to:



So they do appear similar... similar to my brothers Matoran.

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Yup :3

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The big shoulders look a bit odd. Other than that though, great job!

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Thank you! I wanted to make the other matorans too, but somehow i never finished them! wink

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Off topic, but where did you get your profile pic? I really dig the matoran.

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I believe this:

Unity Duty Destiny Day.
I'm the guy with the silver Komau

Back on topic...

The legs on your Matoran seem a little too close together. Just sayin' stuck_out_tongue

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Pretty simple design. I like it! It sure beats MY original small character design from years past.