Sioc, Moderator of Life

Poses and comparisons:

Limbs,attachments and staff separate:

Finally a somewhat large moc since I made Kaajure(can you tell I’m taking a break from large mocs?).I decided to make this moc after my sister gave me some of her system pieces.Unlike most other nature themed mocs (I’ve seen),she has a frostbite arm.I was running out of pieces and ended up working it into the character.Backstory time I guess?
“Sioc is the deity that moderates life itself.She gives life in times of tragedy,she takes it away when it’s overdue.Her and the beast Kaajure are some of the yet to be seen deities.Given the lack of death deities,her arm was frostbit giving her the power to kill any and all life.”


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For a nature character; the color isn’t handle well but the build is “okish”.

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Really, really messy.

Messy, bad colour scheme, just no. Sorry, Iwould try again.

Everything looks slapped on without effort. Even if that’s not what you were going for, it appears to be like that.

Also, WAY too many colors, and I’m not a fan of how the skrall armor on the torso literally looks like it’s about to snap at any minute

Needs a lot of work and time put into it.

Just not my thing really.


first, get a better camera, or a steady hand and some cleaner for your camera lens.

second, the color scheme is 8 different kinds of all over the place.

Overall, meh.

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The build is pretty good, though cluttered, but the biggest problem I have with this is the amount of colours this MOC has and how they don’t really flow.

You would actually be surprised with how well it stays on!I also understand yours (and others) criticisms and I will try my best next time!

She’s really cluttered but I like the overall design. Needs some work but she’s not bad, IMO.

The head looks interesting and the legs look too long.

I actually like the MOC as a whole!
The only part I have an issue with is that it’s kind of hard to tell where the head is from some angles.

It is too all over the place. That actually compromises the asthetic.

i’ma say it, if this was real it would have banned me from life

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