Sir Damian the Brave (bootleg hands)

Slapped together this simple MOC last night so I could feature those amazing bootleg hands. This is Sir Damian the Brave.

I was going for a Dark Souls style character with the oversized weapons and shiny helmet. I also experimented with a new lighting setup. I think the colors look a bit cleaner.


Black Crystalline Hammer

Savior’s Staff



I like the part where he holds his weapons and
he looks great!

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Nice MOC. Good use of the Ben 10 chest.

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Very nice! Great use of parts, but where did you get those hands?

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Thanks! For info on these, check out this bootleg thread. There’s a breakdown of the various bootlegs I bought as well as links to where I bought them.

Great thanks.

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I… really can’t complain something about this moc.

Those hands work so well.

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I can’t even describe how well that Ben 10 torso fits within the creation. Also, those bootleg hands look so natural.

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this looks really cool, cant wait to get those hands for myself, THE QUANTITY OF MEMES I’LL MAKE!


Excellent usage of all of these parts, always happy to see Knights’ Kingdom pieces in use.

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Looks wicked. Very awesome.

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Looks really neat. I like the colour-blocking/layering. I think the chest could do with some better coverage, but other than that its a pretty solid build.

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I agree on the chest. I just couldn’t figure out a way to add more stuff without it looking too chunky.


This is so well done! It’s fairly simple but every piece is used wisely. Very well put together and smart MOC.

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Looks awesome! Which set is that helmet from though? So many pieces in this moc that I want! Many small details that make it look great.

Thanks man. The helmet is from an older Lego series called Knights Kingdom. The parts are crazy cheap on bricklink. I’m talking like, a couple pennies cheap.

He looks ready for Dark Souls.

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