Site breaking?

i don't know for anyone else but the site is acting strange everything is gravatar and the text boxes for doing things are out of wack HELP


yea i noticed this to and when i try to type it goes all weird
and the profile pictures are not showing up

I think the site is just being updated.

I can't access the boards on my computer because it keeps redirecting me to the tumblr error page. I have to use mobile and everyone is using gravatars.


So I am not the only one.

help me this is getting a little problematic

Tumblr doesn't exist anymore I guess.

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rest in the pieces boards

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Why are the message boards suddently through discourse hosting?

They have been for a while. It seems they're moving them now.

Actually it is apparently non-exisant now, so i'm using it on here:

Everything is fixed, for me at least.

I still can't access it on my PC.

if people still have problems

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Alright guys,

TTV is working on getting back up, but for right now, you should do as others have said and use

for now


I've been using that for weeks.

Uh, wrong topic, oddly, but it's related so whatever.



Yeah, for me it is kinda stuck on read-only mode but I'm surprised there isn't any TTV members responding, even if they're busy resolving the issues.

TTV cast never respond to issues like this.

That's what the mods are for. Slime is pretty much always the first to explain stuff.

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If only I had known of this before :cry:

TTV redirecting to tumblr is incredibly weird, I can't imagine what was going on behind the scenes to actually cause something like that (other than the obvious update).


Am I the only one who found the error page hilarious?