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I occasionally get an error message when I try to reply to a topic. Not sure if it’s just an isolated incident.


I get that, too. I wondered why it was going on…


I got that earlier today, it was classified as an Error 500, I believe.


I had a weird bug earlier today with the unread tab. I would read through them, and the blue circle beside them would disappear, but the post itself was still under unread and the number of unread messages didn’t change.

It was weird, but seemed to fix itself after a while.

I think that’s intentional – the blue tab helps you notice that there are new things, and once you know there are new things, it disappears, but you still know there’s new things under the notifications box.

Or whatever.

The thing is, it wouldn’t do that any other time. After I read through the thread under the unread tab, it goes away and the list of unread goes down by one. That one time, it didn’t go away and the number didn’t change. The fact that it only happened once and otherwise acts differently, tells me it’s a bug and not intentional.

I have gotten like ten error 500’s in the past 24 hours.


I’ve probably gotten like 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can account for having that
“error500” happen to me twice, but I believe that happens when the staff fix the site. Correct if I’m wrong, someone, please.

I can’t see comments from one specific user.

Did you mute him?

no! ive only been a member for a short period, i dont know when I could have had time

Unable to post a topic in the ‘promoting and advertising’ forum - keeps coming up with an error

That’s because you have to be of a Master Rank to be allowed to do that, I believe.


how would i know if i muted him? and how would i unmute him?

My brother is trying to sign up, but he hasn’t received an email to activate his account. Can you guys see if he typed his email correctly, and/or if you can resend the email?

For the past few days I’ve been having various problems with the message boards which include 502 Bad Gateway nginx" being shown when I try to access the message boards, a blank screen loading instead of the message boards, and an error message popping up when I try to reply.

I’ve had all of this happen. I think the boards are going haywire, and they’re trying to fix them

This has been happening for everyone. I’m pretty sure they’ve almost fixed it.

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