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It would be convenient to have a function where you could follow other users and receive updates to their activity rather than searching for them in the topics to get to their page. (there's probably some other already existing alternative that I don't know about so if there is I'd like to know)

Well, you can use the Search function up above (the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar to your upper right) to look for members and see their posts, but I see your point. I don't know if that's a feature yet, but I'll look into it.

I think there should be a list of users who are online and stats like newest user, most users online at once, total registered users, etc.


How about a link that takes you to a random topic?

This is actually one of my peeves about the mods here. They tend to edit things without making their presence known, often leading to both confusion and anger.

For example, let's say I'm scrublord51234, a new member to the boards. I know that there are rules, but they're hard to find and somewhat confusing, so I just go ahead and post in the Bionicle 2015 topic. I post a reply to one user, then immediately reply to another one in a different post. Having said my two cents, I go along my merry way.

The next day, I come back to see that my two posts were merged into one, using @ symbols for some reason. I don't really get why that happened, so I continue posting two replies to different users. It isn't until much later that I learn that I am "Double Posting", which is why my posts have been edited so much.

Now let's look at this again with a slightly different scenario. Let's say I came back the next day to see my two posts edited, complete with @ symbols. However, the bottom of the post now says "Edited for Double Post -Moderator_Joe". Now I get concerned. Joe is a moderator, and if he's editing my stuff I must be doing something wrong. After getting the same message after posting two replies in a different topic, I get the idea that "double posting" is against the rules. Thus, the mods are saved a lot more time by not having to correct user's posts, and the users feel better about themselves.

I feel that this applies to all editing of posts. When a post is deleted or edited without warning or explanation, users tend to get both angry and confused. If noobscrub51234 posts something off-topic in the Bionicle 2015 topic, someone will probably flag it and it will be deleted without warning. However, Mr. Scrub doesn't know why it was flagged, and might continue to post off-topic material in that topic. That post would probably be deleted, and the cycle would continue until the user finally figured it out. If Moderator_Joe had just done a quick PM to the new user, saying "I removed this post for being off-topic", a lot of hardship could have been avoided.

tl;dr version: Having mods edit is good, but when they do it without explanation, it gets confusing.


Ugh, they are doing it again.