Six Heroes, One Destiny

My revamps of the Toa Mata, done based on a universal design and with roughly 18 points of articulation each.

Tahu, the leader of the Toa Mata, has 18 points of articulation.

Here in a rather awkward pose.

Casually with his sword over his shoulder.

If I was any good with photoshop I’d try putting this pose in a lava surfing background.

Pohatu and Kopaka

Pohatu in an aggressive pose.

Pohatu managing a kick, balancing on one leg.

Pohatu overview


Pohatu and Kopaka goofing around. Well, Pohatu goofing, Kopaka trying to remain stoic.

Pohatu and Onua, who are a logical team.

Onua’s back, which showcases the back of the build. The gear is decorative only, and is present on all the builds except Pohatu.

An overview of Onua.

Onua in something of a pose.

That pose from MNOG when he summons a ball of Earth energy.

Kopaka, the team’s lancer.

Kopaka and Tahu, the leader and the lancer. Their builds are very similar, bust distinctly different.

Kopaka in a fighting pose, with his small buckler raised and his sword brought high over it.

Lewa was a challenge given the lack of green Technic beams. Still, I feel I captured him well.

A shot from the rear, again highlighting the rear of the relatively uniform build.

A simple overview of Lewa

Me attempting to replicate the pose Lewa is shown in in the promo CDs.

Gali, the wise and calm Toa of Water.

Gali ready to fall back off a cliff into the clear turquoise waters of Mata Nui…

Ready to fight alongside Lewa.

Taking a steady stance.

Ready for a close fight.

The six Toa Heroes here again.

Well, I hope you like these.


Dang, these look awesome! My one complaint is that the upper-legs are a bit hollow. But still, these are great!

Amazing. Nothing more to say.

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How tall are they compared to the Mata sets?
Also, Kopaka an Pohatu are my favorite Mata sets, and you made them look amazing.

They’re about a head taller than the Mata. I’m really glad you like them

Absolutely beautiful revamps.

My favorite is definitely Pohatu here, but these all look great. My only nitpick is that the arms look a tad bit short proportionately.

For a split second, I thought it was 2001 all over again.

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Best Mata revamps yet thou i have to problems with them

1 Onua and Gali’s arms look’s a bit weird compared to the rest.

I know it is the same design on the rest on them but it still looks weird on them.

2 No gear functions :sob:

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They are all EXTREMELY AWESOME, probably the best Mata revamps ever!

These were so awesome, that when I looked at them I thought they were just the normal versions XD

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Very faithful to the originals. Great work.

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Can we get instructions for the torso and such, I would love to build one myself!

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Very nice revamps. I like how you made the custom torso to reflect the original.


I might consider releasing instructions



Mata Nui bless you O wise sage

In all seriousness, these are probably the BEST Toa Mata revamps I’ve ever seen. The gaps in the torso are pulled much better then other revamps I’ve seen throughout the years. They also look enough like their predecessors to have someone not too familiar with them be able to think that they are the real thing, but different enough to bring something new to the mix.

So that was a bit long :stuck_out_tongue:


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Probably the best revamps of the Toa Mata that doesn’t use modded peices, but there is a series that does that this seems to resemble. Are these by any chance based on the Lalam24 Mata revamps?

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These are the best Mata revamps I have ever seen.

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Brian (Lalam24) and I have chatted about this before. We both came up with very similar ideas pretty much entirely independently of one another around 2012 - his initial executions were a lot better than my early tries (my older versions of this build have far worse proportions). I didn’t get this together until 2015. I remain very impressed with his work, but this project has been entirely my own.

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Oh dude sweet

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