Sizes Of Lego Characters/Vehicles/Buildings In Real Life

Lego really likes making big motorcycles, castles, spaceships, and monsters. Many Lego set builds look pretty cool among normal minifigures, but sometimes I wonder how they’d look if they were real, and how big they’d look in real life.

Fortunately, it might be possible to figure out how big a Lego vehicle would be if it were real. We know that a Lego minifigure is 1.5 inches tall, and the average human as six feet tall. So we could probably use basic algebra to figure this out. Like, 1.5 over 6=[set size] over x.

Let’s use this set as an example:


The official set description says that Benny’s spaceship is 20 inches long. So, plugging it into our earlier equation, that makes 1.5 over 6=20 over x. (Gee, I sure wish these boards would let me write out algebraic equations.)

Doing the math, we find that Benny’s spaceship would be 80 feet long in real life. Nice.

It’s probably worth noting that this formula doesn’t work for some sets, such as the Destiny’s Bounty from Ninjago, or the Fortrex from Nexo Knights. Those sets are much smaller representations of the vehicles that we see in the shows, so by applying these mathematics to the sets wouldn’t tell us how big the vehicles are in the shows.

But, even with that in mind, it could still be fun to determine how big this or that set would be in real life. So you can use this topic to have fun with that idea. I’m gonna proceed to do a few more myself:


The Stealth Hunter would be 30 feet tall in real life.


The Sphinx from Pharaoh’s Quest would be 40 feet tall.


The Monkey King Warrior Mech would be 60 feet tall.


The Galactic Enforcer would be 76 feet long.

Gee, this is fun… :stuck_out_tongue:


The issue here is that lego minifigs have absolutely no proportion to real life. In Minecraft, one block is supposed to be a meter, and in Lego Minecraft, one Minecraft block is two studs. This means that one stud is supposed to be 1/2 a meter, or approximately 1.5 feet. Legos are are something like 4.5 studs high (if my memory serves me correctly), making them approximately 7 feet high, as opposed to the average 5.4 of a human. And this only accounts for the minifig’s height from head to foot - by this logic, their arms are about 3 feet long?


That’s just a product of Lego adapting Minecraft. In Minecraft, two blocks=the height of a human. But two Lego bricks=/=the height of a minifigure.

Mata Nui Robot = 40 million feet, stretches from Boston to northeastern India


My point still stands, if not mathematically - all you have to do is look at a minifigure to see how out of scale they are.

I mean, I guess, but minifigures are meant to represent humans (or at least humanoind beings), so they’re the best thing we can use to calculate the real-life size of a Lego vehicle.

Nice idea. Just kinda funny. But in Lego, almost all buildings are much smaller then they are meant to be. Especially funny will be calculating sizes of things, which size we know (like SW starfighters and LoTR buildings) .

All these measurements in feet kinda mean nothing to me :stuck_out_tongue:


A meter is -approximately- 3 feet.


Well, yeah. That’s kind of what I said at the beginning. It’s the reason I only used my formula to determine the sizes of vehicles that we know are actually in scale in the sets. Like, if you see the Spinjitzu monastery in the Ninjago TV show, you get the feeling that it’s WAY bigger than the sets make it look.