Ska Music

I like some of the holophonics stuff, but to me personally, a their songs start to sound the same after while. Though, I do like their cover of moves like jagger.

Another good song


My girlfriend doesn’t like ska :fist::pensive:

ditch her/s

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It’s okay tho she likes punk

Ska literally defined the punk scene in the UK, MOCing bird is right, its all or nothing.

(I don’t mean it)


I’m talking about Green Day, Blink, Bowling for Soup kinda punk not Ramones/the Clash punk

Ok, that’s valid. But… alas… a shame to be sure.

Very true my friend. Very true.
@optimus_priminski what do you think of this

@EmperorDuckie I really like the sound of the song, its like… big band… ska… and coffee-house jazz… I was pretty impressed with those three styles mixing so well, this is going to my playlist.

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I try not to listen to stuff with themes like that, sorry

ok, good to know for future recommendations, thanks

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No problem, thanks for understanding

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@EmperorDuckie Here we go


I’ll check it out later
@optimus_priminski I’m so sorry I didn’t listen sooner :joy: It’s pretty good but far from my favorite ska.

Just discovered this. I think it’s pretty cool

That has some pretty fun instrumentation, his voice style reminds me of the mighty mighty bosstones. Ah yes… checkered vans, it is a shame they are now onlyassociated with “vsco-girls”.

Here’s another good one

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Of course

I have hi tops that are black with checkered sides. They’re pretty fun

I have a pair of low-top white checkered travelers, it is such a shame that their reputation has been hi-jacked.

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Yeah, what’s ironic is I hardly see vsco girls wearing them. It’s usually their boyfriends haha


After discussing some kid’s shows with my siblings, the OC supertones performing as D.I.R.T. came up, I have been combing the internet looking for it with no success.

Do you know the name of the song they sang?

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I don’t think they actually sang a song, I think they just appeared as a cameo.