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Ska, throughout its life time has gone through many developments. Starting with bands like “Toots and the maytals” and “the Skatelites”, ska has had a history very closely tied with reggae. During the mid 90’s, ska reached its all time high in popularity, and in that same time frame, was forced underground by the growing popularity of rap. It has been preserved through a few bands that still exist. Bands such as: “Reel big fish”, “The Aquabats!”, and “Less than Jake” have kept the small fan base interested for all these years. The ska genre has evolved into forms of punk, but I want to keep this topic more on the side of ska’s true roots.

I just want to see if there are people that still like it, and perhaps introduce the genre to people have never heard it before.

Please share names of your favorite bands and songs that still remain within the forgotten genre!

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Ska is frickin great, though I tend to find myself gravitating more toward punk ska.

The Hands that Thieve by Streetlight Manifesto is one of my favorite albums of all time.

(warning, there’s a bit of language, and just kind of depressing overall)

Engine of a Million Plots by the christian band Five Iron Frenzy is another favorite.

When I am talking punk, I mean more like “sublime”


One of my favorite bands, one of my favorite songs

Has anybody been keeping up with the Aquabats recent work? Anybody hyped for their new album “Kooky Spooky In Stereo”?

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I was introduced to ska from OC super tones and pax217
EDIT this should be in the music category though

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How can I re categorize it in the music section?

Interestingly, I never liked the OC super tones a ton. though they did have a cameo appearance in the hit superhero show, Bible Man

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Wait they did

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Yep, they were D.I.R.T. (Demons Inventing Rotten Tricks) if I remember correctly. Not sure what episode they appeared in though.

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I watched that show alot growing up, and I still have one of the VHS’s somewhere, but I can’t remember which episode I owned. I tried watching it sometime ago… and it was not nearly as action packed as I remeber.

Madness. 'Nuff said.

Do you know their song one step beyond?

Yup, good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Goldfingers’ “superman” is another great song, but the melody sounds a lot like a bridge from Reliant K’s song"merry christmas, here’s to many more"

The Skatalites and Toots and the Maytals are some of my favorites. Always been partial to the ska that preceded reggae.


Another good group, covering a great song

LANGUAGE WARNING: a cover of moves like jagger, so you should know what’s in it haha

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Did you put together the playlist? I loved it! I noticed the Aquabats!’ “yo check out this ride”, have you checked out the fan album “masked marauder’s of the apocalypse”? It has a bunch of their unreleased music

Nah, that wasn’t mine. That sounds cool tho. I was mainly just sharing the moves like jagger cover, tho I just remembered the language and forgot to put a warning :joy: