Skaaxhun the Ancient

Skaaxhun the ancient. Skaaxhun is a old soul who lures spirits finding their way to the after life into traps, and feeds in them. Every few thousand years he grows tired of eating souls and travels to the realm of the living to settle his grumbling stomach.

This is a moc from a while ago I’ve only made a couple bonklez recently. I’m making a lot of system stuffs so i guess I’ll post that.


A better overview of the moc would be nice.

I like the chain acting like dreadlocks, System usage on the legs isn’t that well executed, and the Glatorian helmet on the stomach just fits right for this hunchback character-


Like more pictures?

Is that a beer belly?

A soul belly

He drinks souls? I thought I was the only one who did that.

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Digging the unique pot-bellied look and the chain dreadlocks you have going on! I also like that little voodoo-looking charm you gave him.

I’d suggest though, if you can, maybe add a couple more chains to make the dreadlocks a little more full. Maybe take those system pieces off the upper legs and cover the hole with some black circular Studs-Not-On-Top or try to fit something in the little peg holes on the upper legs like those little red horns on Takadox.

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