Skakdi Drawing And Drawing Challenge

Okay, as you may or most likely don’t know, I enjoy drawing Bionicles. So, I figured, why not do a challenge? I realized that I would need some criteria, so I thought that Skakdi would give allot of creative influence, but would still be judgable. I drew one my self as an example- Behold, Kremiak, The Blunt Rebar:

He’s one of the most powerful Skakdi on Zakaz, but also one of the few intelligent ones. He possesses satisfaction vision, which gives the victim whatever they’re fighting for, so they decide that it’s not worth it and head home. Yup, that’s about it.
Okay, so as you may have guessed, judging will be completely subjective, and the criteria are to draw a Skakdi/Piraka of YOUR OWN DESIGN, not a preexisting one, unless that preexisting one was never shown in a visual media. A little story/ bio blurb, along with a 100°/• this, 0°/• that thing, would be greatly apreciated, but not at all necesary. I’ll probably tell the winner in say… A weak? Yeah, that sounds good. So, March 25, 2016. Have fun! I wish you luck.


Yeah i’m gonna try this out.


[quote=“darkbrick999, post:1, topic:20137”]
along with a 100°/• this, 0°/• that thing
[/quote]I have no idea what you’re supposed to say.


Did someone say “Skakdi Drawing Challenge”?

Well, I mean, I could post this humble drawing that became one of the top posts on the boards for a little while…

Don’t worry, I’ll do an original Skakdi soon and enter it before March 25. I’ll be busy that day with engorging myself upon Batman v Superman…


Wait, so a story/bio is or isn’t mandatory? Because I’m pretty good at drawing but not pretty good at storytelling. Though that’s just me.

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Except i’m not good at drawing either


Yup, that was the idea, I wanted to involve as many people as possible.
@Ghosty, You should try any way.

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I will do it I guess (I already have a made up Skakdi, so why not)

I know somethings might not be proportional or would not work if this was in real life (specifically the zamor launcher and his two sided weapon) but, I like this anyway!

Meet Skrilakz, the slicer; or, as he prefers the SSSLLIIZZAAAAAHHHH!!
100% Crazy, 0% Lazy

His two sided weapon is a very sharp sword on one end and a vine/rope/tentacle that is able to extend and ensnare targets on the other end. He also has anti-logic vision. This causes the target’s physics to go crazy for a while. For example, the target’s gravity or sense of direction could be messed up.

I don’t really have a story/ bio though. He’s just a mercenary Piraka just looking for a bounty.


Oo! I want to enter! I’ll be back here when I’m done drawing it! This is going to be awesome!

here’s mine

100% MAD
Yeah i know his name is horribad but i was running out of ideas.

He’s just a psychotic idiot who kills people.

The only part of this drawing i’m proud of is his hand


Seeing as it’s been over a weak since the due date, I figure I should send out a reminder to those of you (namely @FatCat23476, @8BitArt, and @PakariNation99,) who’ve not submitted your entry.

Wait, we still have to? If so, sure I could finish it. Though I may not post it soon. Phone was taken away for reasons. Long story.

Do you have a web cam or something? Because I would like to finish soon-ish.

I’ll find a way.

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I have a head drawn, I’ll try and finish it up soon.

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