Skaraag and Dieres (Dinosaur moc)

Since I gave Dagarak something cool to ride on I decided to make something cool for his partner too. I present Skaraag the Desert dragon

Before being tamed Skaraag was a strange rock steed like creature hunting around the Iron Canyon of Bara Magna. Skaraag had claimed the lives of many who had been attracted by its golden plating.

When Dieres arrived to a Dimension where Spherus Magna had yet to be reformed she heard rumors of a deadly creature lurking around the Iron Canyon. Using her Psionic powers she easily defeated the golden beast, however instead of killing it she offered it a chance to face more interesting prey. Skaraag accepted the offer allowing Dieres to ride on its back, Dieres was pretty glad she decided to look into the rumor because now she didn't have to ride In Dagarak's poorly made sidecar

Since the last time Dieres has grown some robot hair, unfortunately I had to use some cheat parts to get it to hold together

She now uses an axe from the chima Fire and ice ultra builds as well as the armor plates from them

I was going to call this a kronkiwongi topic but I decided it would be more serious if I just called it a moc as usual


Preety interesting

Robot hair

Thats just scary ;w;


that successful robot hair tho

anyway these mocs are just golden

Gets shot


I don't know it still looks weird to me... though that might just be because I don't like hair on MOCs...


Who's the person who keeps shooting people? This needs to be stopped.


Batman's Dad.


But Batmans dad is dead aswell! OwO

Time traveling BatDad


Oh fudge!
its BatDad!!

A future of domestic law

You betrayed the LAW!

These are really gr8! You pulled of the hair way better than I did.

Not to happy with the hair, but Golden Dinosaurs make up for that.

At the edge of the universe there are dinosaurs riding on trains