Skarab the Slaughterer

Another attempt at an uncommon color scheme. This is Skarab. And he is a mean mother.

Extendable claw




I really like the non-claw hand design. The whole moc is very good.

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Looks really nice. I really like the color scheme. Is that a shapeways piece for the clawless hand?

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“But mom, I don’t want to eat my vegetables!”

“Then go to your room!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, this is pretty cool. The color scheme is nice, and I like the extendo-claw. The back looks a bit weird, what with Fire Lord staring back at you, but not much you can do with that helmet.


Yes sir it is. It’s the palm portion of the fully articulated, fingered hand. Unfortunately the clips on the fingers broke the moment I tried to assemble them. I don’t think Shapeways’ material is evolved enough to handle such tiny, precise objects that need to clip onto something.

But the palm piece is excellent when combined with Lego’s t-bar for the thumb. The good news is that you can buy that piece a la carte without the articulated fingers. So I’ve bought a few of those in different colors.

The MOC is great, if a little basic, but the thing that really sells it for me is the Throwbot head feet! They work great here, and it adds that G1 feel that would otherwise be not that present.

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Thanks! Those heads work great as feet. And they were made in so many colors too. Not to mention that they’re so cheap on BL.

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What gender is this thing

Interesting colour scheme, cool moc too.

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Unclear. Recon files are inconclusive. It’s a biomechanical organism, so perhaps it doesn’t even have a physiological gender.

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