Skarta The Skeleton Tutorial

Sooo, to all the people who have requested this, as in all two of you, here you go, a tutorial that I took little to no effort doing, but hey, at least I made it, so now it should be much easier to understand, but I really didn't want to take everything apart piece by piece, so I just sort of, took it apart into several understandable pieces that people can look at and actually be able to build it, and than have you add on those pieces to other simple technic or CCBS builds and continue the process until he is done, anyway, enjoy having your own Skarta!


And for those of you who wanted a little something extra, here is a height comparison


This tutorial feels a bit wonky. No parts requirements, no steps for making the components that you put together, etc.

Still, a pretty neat MOC nonetheless!


It's glorious man. This is real groovy man. We get to see just how beautiful the torso really is. Thanks for posting this. This is the best.


Looks... @Mesonak ish... :smile: It's a good thing, but looks kinda him.


Very cool, love the torso. Not sure I like the way his head is positioned and the beast hand on top looks wrong. Definitely looks like a skeleton though but still has considerable bulk, but the waist looks a little thin and out of proportion. I suggest widening the waist or thinning out the chest. Cool tutorial too

@Takua ok, this tutorial is a bit wonky, but I would have to upload more than, I don't know 400+ pictures in order to have every single part attached one by one, and I don't have the time for that, but still, I do agree it is in fact wonky, but that doesn't mean that you can't use common sense to see what parts go into what.
@DiamondKing yes, I am aware, it looks wonky, but allow me to explain, the, "beast hand," is just a hat, he is a skeleton, wearing armor, and a hat. so if you think he looks wonky, he probably would look very disproportional do to his armor. and besides, at least it's not the skull villians.

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Why was this flagged It's on topic isn't it?

Actually it's easy to see what's going on (for me at least), And I'm not the brightest guy around.

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my post got flagged for containing advertisement, I have no idea why explaining what a curtain part of the moc and what it is, would be considered as advertisement, but ok.

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