Skelington Spook Machine

The Spook Machine is well.. a joke moc as much as a legitimate one. Its a joke moc, given that is is supposed to be based on a stupid idea I had. What makes it pretty legit is the fact that the mech itself is something I might reuse for an official moc later.

So.. I've had an obsession with several things, but it's come down to 2 things recently:
Skeletons (Thanks, Undertale), and giant mechs fighting kaiju (Thank Invasion from Below, Godzilla, and Pacific Rim).
I decided it'd be funny to make an IfB mech for the Minecraft skeleton figure, so I did.

As I said, the machine itself is good enough for me to use for another driver, I'd just have to replace the skeleton limbs with standard limbs with armor shells. It's a small moc, so enjoy it.

Front and Back Views:

The Spook Machine comes equipped with a large ice bow. The bow fires several freezing bullets at rapid-fire, and a scope that doubles as a bayonet, for aim and some melee ability.

While it is large enough to tango with beasts, it's size pales in comparison to the other mechs, both in-story and IRL. For those with a bit of trouble grasping this MOC's height, I've put up a couple of comparisons. Plus, I just wanted to make these comparisons for fun.

Here's the MOC compared to the S.H. Figuarts Ultimate Gohan:

Here's it compared to my Rannotitan. This either makes the machine look too big, or the Rannotitan too small. I don't think I've ever shown just how small the Rannotitan is, it's kinda underwhelming:

Here's the MOC compared to all 3 kinds of Video-Game-Toy-Thingies. Rosalina (Amiibo), Elsa (Disney Infinity), and Crypt King (Skylanders):

Now, have 2 shots made for fun!:

Vegetto gives Skelington a well-deserved kick:

The future is in the past! ONWARDS, AOSHIMA!

Hope you've enjoyed! As said, I might repurpose the mech for another driver, and I plan on cranking out some HF mocs soon, either IfB or BA. Look forward to that, guys!


Plural's Dr. 's timely review:

-Concept is interesting.
-Build is simple and a little plain.
-Weapon very similar to Skull Warrior's.
-Orange sticks out.
-Somewhat resembles skeleton mech.

I rate 2/5. It's not bad, just a little uninteresting. It's a little plain, but the concept is top notch. I can't wait to see what new mechs you make.

I dont even know what "Skeleton Mech" is. Help me out here.
The orange is.. well.. here's the thing with Invasion from Bellow. The cockpits only came in orange and lime green. Or, at least, most of them were. It does stick out in an odd way, but I think lime green would've done the same, really.

Thanks for le feedback, btw~

It can be taken as two definitions:

  1. A mech that looks like it was designed by skeletons. (Usually they have a bone motif)

  2. A mech that is decayed. Exposed/broken wires and joints and what not.

What I mean is the single orange piece kinda sticks out. If you can't make a custom cockpit I suggest you add a little orange in another area. Probably the feet or lower legs.

No prob!

You got a Rosalina amiibo.

Lucky dog.

Oh. THATS a Skeleton Mech. I thought it was some lego set I didn't know about.

This is so awesome and adorable. I love it. :smile:

This looks Fantastic! Nice work! :smile:


@Plural :stuck_out_tongue: You said you were taking a break, someone had to do it.

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The only issue is that EVERYONE DOES IT! :laughing:

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Yes, but only because we can't live without it. We have an empty hole inside ourselves that only Plural's quick reviews can fill.


Not @Plural 's Fast Review:

-Feels lanky.
-Gun is meh.
-Feels really plain.

Overall, great concept but lackluster execution. I give this a 5/10.

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Nice Rosalina cameo

It's pretty cool. Not overly impressive, but still cool.


Cute and quirky little build. The proportions are off, but it's still interesting.

I see Preston Stormer let himself go after HF's cancellation. And also now he's shooting things at you...

If anyone gets that, that'd be awesome!

This is amazing for how simple it is!

It's his up and coming segment.

I like the combination of the Minecraft and HF figures. It's adorable.
Krypt King!