Skelly the Skelly

wow editing is fun

yo yo piraka

ah ah ah ah stayin alive staying alive

times up


so skelly is a dimension hopping skellyton with a penchant for rapping

not much else really

cc plz or whatever


Edge Lord Moc. Really nice moc though.

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Pretty cool MOC! I would never think about creating something like this. :stuck_out_tongue: Although, is it purist?

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The main problem I have with this Moc is that the body is just a bit too elongated. However, I do like the custom painted mask


Dabbing is so 2016


@LTVmocs [quote=“LTVmocs, post:2, topic:35576, full:true”]
Skelly Lord Moc. Really nice moc though.


@RiverDragon no, i painted the mask grey and used a black sharpie when it dried

@BioKnight that was a purposeful choice, but i see where you’re coming from.

too bad haha

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2Spoopy6me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. Simple, skeletal, but well done. (I mean, skeletal can’t be a complaint since it’s a skeleton…)

thanks m80

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bootleg @Ghosty is that you?

yea, the style looks like it Really want so be in line with Ghosty’s mocs, but it kinda comes out just… meh.

the legs look unfinished, the mask looks off with the paint, and overall, just looks like a mediocre edgelord.

surprisingly enough i didn’t even think of @Ghosty’s MOCs when I came up with this idea.

well its not like he’s a skeleton or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I do appreciate the criticism though, i’ll work something out with it


Pretty cool n clockworky. Not a fan of the blocky hands though


Looking pretty dapper, the thing certainly has a style. That mask is like extra rad, my dude. But, I will have to agree with the gang, and say that those blocky hands could be changed, or added on to. I definitely see them as a good way to incorporate brass-knuckles, if you would like to keep going with the creation. All in all, pretty spooky rapper Mr. Skeltal.


idea of the year 2017


oh look, that stupid, mediocre, overdone anime pelvic thrust pose, haven’t seen that much before ever. That’s the only complaint I have. 7/10

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######But that’s the point tho

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