Sketch dump for Bionicle gen 3 pitch

In another topic, I talked about my ideas for a generation three of bionicle. Those ideas were to focus on bara magna as a true reboot with Kiina and Gresh as the main characters. I changed a lot about the agori biology for this reboot and made Kiina and Gresh start out as agori. I found a rahi moc that used her helmet as a head piece and I realized that her helmet was basically a fish. So what I did was revisit her design and based the new helmet off a more specific fish. The dunkleosteus.

Here’s a closer look at my latest design for Kiina.


Kiina and Gresh? I’m all here for it, 100%


I forgot these two designs I made for Kiina and Gresh. These designs were my first sketches so they have more agori vibes to them


I really like what you did with the Kiina helm, especially the little mandible bits.

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These are really awesome, not just as a concept, but the art itself!

I really like your style, and everything looks super clean and appealing!

Nice work!