Sketch of Useless Junk

My penmanship is illegible! XD

During Flex, I had no work, and decided to draw some Bionicle/TTV stuff! (Sorry for the photo quality!) It features @Mesonak, @Viper, @IllustriousVar, and the rest of the cast, if you can find them!

You’re welcome!


viper snake is funny

good job man

Guess this makes me the Riddler.

I guess so, as I haven’t seen your Self MOC! XD

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Would you take Request

Oh yeah! Definitely!

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Could i Please have some Of my Cindarian Mocs I.E Vanaru (Primal), Tyracent, Kitra (Duelist), Harik, Quadian and Reinka In a Drawing You Can Choose how Many

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Do you think you could link it? I’ll get right on them!

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They’re All Separate topics
but here are the links

Vanaru Tyracent Kitra Harik Quadian Reinka

You’d need to ask @Venom about that.

Sounds good!

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