Sketchdump of mostly Bionicle content - go here for a full res version please.

This is a Sketchdump of various things from the last 6-7 months, except that shovelknight and arthaka those are like almost a year old.

so yeah leaft to right top to bottom.

-Some toa of plasma, Gorgeous Freeman, some female toa with a pakari, Arthaka, (i gotta finish this one holy damn)

-Idris, kalmah, leg, MOC lmao

-Shovelknight, Skakdi bandit thing -Plantlife Toa

~~also, sorry for it being a jpg, but it was too big of a file as a png~~


shesh these guys look cool

it really covers the ellegence of a man in a knight suit with horns running around hitting things with shovels

maybe its because I am not used to seeing shovel knight in 3d, but something about it really bothers me.

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I love that Artahka.

A lot.

these look great

What's the weird semi-transparent smiling face near the end of the shovel?


And the other drawings are pretty cool too.

oh thats my watermark.

Gordon Freeman is great.

Artakha is great.

Shovel Knight is great.

You're great.

This topic is great.



I feel like that doesn't really capture the monstrous, murderous grin the skakdi imo should have(I feel the teeth should go all the way back to the circle),
but I can in no way fault the artistic merit behind it.

in fact, that's the only nitpick I have, everything else is great.
that artahka is glorious.

Oh! That explains why we can't have HL3

That Shovel Knight
It's so beautiful